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Comfort Bilt HP61 Pellet Stove

Aquafog works great

Very quick efficient service. The fogger is very effective in my greenhouse and I recommend the product.

From my online research I’m content

Though ove not taken it outta the crate I’m an old timer who needs my old stove taken out the chimney cleaned in the Drolet installed hopefully by Labor Day

I'm Angry!

Angry that I've had to live almost 40 years with indoor plumbing when I could've been using a compost toilet... Seriously after your first dump, you'll understand!!!

We installed this into a 95 Monaco 40ft RV, it replaced an electric flush unit, so the wiring to the power was easy. We ditched the urine bottle and piped it directly into our holding tanks, along with the vent, so I can't comment on that area.

With 2 adults we avg about a month before having to empty the solids bin, and with a questionable diet at that... OGO handled it all with zero issue and zero bad smell! We don't put toilet paper down it, so again, can't comment on that area.

Highly recommend!

nicole trgovic
Thank you for your patience with us

It's going to be a while before we use the stuff we ordered from you guys but I did want to say thank you for how you handled our delivery issues.


aquafog jaybirds delight

I think for the money you get an awesome bang for your buck. Easy to install and excellent performance as far as the product goes thus far. I’ve only had it operational less than a couple weeks now. Would love to give their 700 series a try wanted to know if that works on the isolating add-on as well?


Extremely pleased with our new pellet stove & the service we received from True Home Oasis. Looking forward to doing business with them again in the future.

Best pellet stove ever

We've had this for two weeks now and I don't have a single complaint. We replaced a 20+ year old pellet stove insert and the difference is crazy. This thing heats up fast and makes the whole main level of my house toasty warm. The remote start is fantastic -- using this stove couldn't be easier. Install was a bit of a pain but only because we learned our previous stove wasn't installed properly so we had to do a bunch of extra stuff. Even still, we were able to get it installed in a day. I have no regrets and highly recommend this unit!

Comfort Bilt Pellet Stove Insert HP22I

Quick delivery and installation was very easy. Love all the features this stove has.

Well I still have not received my stove. Fed ex still has it. We had bad weather which understand the delay but we’ve had good weather now for over a week and they still can’t seem to deliver it…….

Lavender dry flush battery operated DF1045

I have not tried it yet it's still box in by end of March it will be fully in action check with me then but I saw it online and that's was actually what I needed

Great pellet stove

Very good product. The installation was super easy!
The heat that produces even on the minimum setting is impressive

Looking for smaller pellet stove, maybe for a 1600 square foot

This thing is amazing!

Got the inverter a day early and it works great! I made a YouTube video of the solar system I built where this inverter is installed

Love it! Also 5 stars to THO

The shallow dive is awesome, perfect size, quick inflate and deflate and feel like less of a waste of space when inside. I get all the same benefits I was getting renting the bigger unit. One down side is there is not power switch or remotes for the air pumps, kind of a bummer but I had an extra smart outlet that’s working great. True Home Oasis customer service was stellar, top notch, will shop here again and recommend to others.

Reminds me a good old fashion pot belly stove with a window.

Delivered in a week, Easy to set up. Easy to read instructions. Looks great.
Produces good heat and using the House air handler fan it heats the whole house! (2500sf)
HP22N's 80 lb Hooper really last 30 hours or more at low setting. Blows heat very well
and fan is not too noisy for the amount of forced air flow. Easy clean out ash pan.
Have had it Four days and so far love it.

best yet

I have owned several brands of pellet stoves but Comfortbilt is the best. It is very warm and cozy. It is easy to clean. It does not use altot of pellets.

Nuke BBQ Delta Grill - Master Griller Package
Daniel Brown
Great service!

I ordered the Nuke Delta from True Home Oasis and was at first skeptical because it was the best price I could find (and I hadn’t heard of True Home). I contacted the manufacturer just to make sure that True Home Oasis was legit. The customer service was EXCELLENT. They helped answer questions quickly, were very responsive and helpful, and the delivery (which can be stressful with a big, heavy item) was smooth as the delivery company they used had good service, too. There was difference in what the picture showed was included with the grill and the accessories that came (I think the manufacturer made the change in the offered package and didn’t update the image) and True Home responded quickly and delivered what was missing through FedEx within a couple of days. They even threw in a free can of paint, which I just wanted to purchase. Don’t hesitate with True Home! I'm relieved at such good service after such a big purchase.

Exceptional product

We took our time reviewing all the pros and cons of each composting toilet available for our van build. Even went so far as to pay a visit to the Hershey PA show to review first hand some of which were available.
After several months of review we settled on the Separett Tiny for the following reasons.
Handling the solids is simple as lifting the lid, tying a bag and disposing of properly in the municipal waste system. The liquids are also a simple task as the tank is not clear and can be carried indiscriminately into a public bathroom for disposal, also the handle is solid, not a piece of nylon that can’t be properly cleaned.
The toilet itself looks great in our combo shower/bathroom and is placed against the wall which leads too a small footprint and no wasted space.
Venting as well as electrical connections are simple and to top the climax the price is right, hundreds of dollars more reasonable then the competition.

Separett Compostable Waste Bags Tiny® 20 pcs
Anthony Paolillo
Great product

Great product, easy to use and built strong.

Big enough for us.

Not as small as I thought it would be, offers enough space and the steam shower is heavenly.

Byer of Maine Easy Cot Blue 311-EC
Ricardo Jones
Great for camping

It almost gave me a worry folding it back up, but my son was able to get it done. Apart from that, it is good and relaxing.

Neat and classy.

I prefer the dark colour, goes with my wall tiles, and it looks very good optically.

Byer of Maine Globo Royal Chair

Exactly as pictured and described! So pleased with our new hanging chair. Excellent Service received from True Home Oasis, will be back!

Simple to use and set up.

Super simple set up, super simpler to clean and dispose. Indicator acts as a guide for maintenance , and it separates solids from liquids. Perfect for almost any space, we are using it as a pool side loo.